Falling For You Chords - Leeland

So this is my first tab..
I was looking for this song and couldnt find it anywhere, so i resorted to figuring it 
by myself. I am positive this is 100% positive, I've played it many times by myself and 
right on.
The tuning is standard.  E A D G B E

Intro : A   B   E   B   A   B   

    A    B   E   B  A
A childlike love I had
               B     E
When we first began
B    A    B    E   B   A
We ran and I fell behind
                      B        E
Ive been stuck here all this time
You waited like a lover
             A              E
Who couldnt let go of his bride
I turned my back away from You
        A             E
Didnt shed a tear or cry

E                       A
But Im falling for You now
             C#m               B
Im coming back to the place where we parted
E                   A
Its for real this time
             C#m                    B
So Ill be here waiting where we started

My feet were bruised
I tried but I couldnt fill Your shoes
I went my way
I bought the lie that I was all grown up
Didnt need You in my life
The winter left me cold and frozen
Looking for the truth
But searching for the sun
I found the place where I met You

It feels so good
To be in Your arms
You never left me
I just chose to stay behind
I want to thank You for Your love
That gives me freedom
   A                 B
To run back, to come back