Versuri Lefters - Lefters - Rockstar

i wanna be a rockstar
a firestarter down the hell
walking down the hall of fame
crowds will scream my name

rocking all around the world
sex, drugs and rock and roll
deamons wanna feel the same
crowds will scream my name

walking down the street i'm out of weed
need money to estiguish my greed
following my momma's advice
better find a job then throw in the dice

found some guys, they asked all about me
what i'd like to be in this society
exactly, i really don't know i said
most of the time i enjoy lying down in my bed

i wanna be a doctor
i wanna be a lawyer
i wanna be a banker
i wanna be a priest
i wanna be a cop
i wanna be a playboy
i wanna be a judge
i wanna be a b***h


i wanna be a rockstar and travel the whole world
i wanna have the power to make myself heard, yeah
i wanna be a rockstar all crowds to scream my name
i wanna stop my hunger for neverendïng fame

prepare to jump x3 jump x2