Versuri LENG TCH'E - Cockporn

Album: LENG TCH'E - Death By A Thousand Cuts

[lyrics : Isaac]

I'm trying to watch a movie while some losers act real dumb
laughing, talking all the time and now throwing with some popcorn
can't you leave me peacefully here and go act tough somewhere else
big matches trying to impress some stupid chicks and get sex

I'm going to see "Audition" and some machos are going too
they're probably expecting to see some gory movie, yeah
but they were not prepared for what was coming next
they didn't anticipate to observe these cruelties

The torture is beginning and the needles are going in
a foot is being sawn off and those guys are really shocked
their girlfriends are screaming out I'm just laughing now
these stupid assholes just shouldn't have come here, no

I was just trying to enjoy this movie but
as long as losers like this annoy me at the cinema
the fun will be less for me they spoil everything
they show no respect at all but at least I could laugh at 'em now

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