Versuri LENG TCH'E - Get Rid Of The Rock In Your Name

Album: LENG TCH'E - Death By A Thousand Cuts

[lyrics : Isaac]

You get stoned and f**k as much as you can while you are cashing in
getting laid and earning lots of money is what you think at
rock comes straight from the heart and does not to into you wallet
I bet you don't even like the music but you love the cash

You f****r just saw lots of dollars and so you're selling out now
ridiculize yourself if you want to, I don't give a f**k
but stay away from our music if you don't even know it
little baby you just reduce rock to sex, drugs and money

Rock is an attitude that you will never understand
you are too childish, just a little baby
you come on tv and say without any shame
that you're not interested in music, just cash and stupid chicks

Get rid on the "Rock" in your name,
only "Kid" is already a little better

How did you come up with the name Kid Rock,
should have named yourself Most Annoying Dick
you will probably think that you're so cool,
but you only rock the world of some losers
your adolescent fans may think you're cool,
but remember that nerds invented "cool"
everything about you is all fake,
you are just playing some kind of real stupid role

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