Versuri LENG TCH'E - Straight Outta Boerecote II

Album: LENG TCH'E - Death By A Thousand Cuts

[lyrics : Sven and Isaac]

Ever seen those guys who think they are so metal, acting like posers?
Tough guy-ruin the scene, tough guy-kind of the pit
you bang and mosh so violent to hurt some people on purpose
tough guy-f*****g fag, tough guy-brainless s**t
wearing steelboots and trying to get in the spotlights

Tough guy you're so cool, tough guy you're the fool
you think there's "macho" on your face, but there's "retard" written all
over you
tough guy-stupidity, tough guy-imbecile
you just know nothing of the scene and only go to your faves

Trashing all kinds of stuff 'coz they are so tough
using right-winged statements to be cool and shock
you know, the mongloids who f**k up for us all
people think all metals are such bastards without some respect

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