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Country: USA Label: Moribund Records Formed in: 1998 Disbanded in: 2007 1998- Ambient Black metal Line-up Current members: 1998-  Jeff "Wrest" Whitehead - vocals, all instruments   Discography 2003 The Tenth Sub Level Of Suicide 8.2 2003 Live In Eternal Sin / The Speed Of Darkness Split With Iuvenes [EP] 8 2004 Crebain/Leviathan Split [EP]......Biografie Leviathan

Leviathan - Vexed And Vomit Hexed Tab

Leviathan - So Long Intro Tab

Leviathan - Requiem For A Turd World Tab

Leviathan - Idiot Sun Tab

Leviathan - Ballad Of Kurt Cobain Tab

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