Versuri Leviathan - A Necessary Mutilation

Album: Leviathan - Tentacles Of Whorror

A Collision of violent jagged stones of dead
Beach and soft pale flesh and brittle bone
The sun sets over the bloddy scene
Her Screams of terror roll off the shore,
Where once she bathed her fragile skin in the sun
She is now penetrated by demonic force
Stones grinding her flesh to pulp,
Leaving her unable to run
Spilling c**t blood on the waves,
Water runs it's course
In every orifice there stabs a stone
In every cut she bleeds to death
In every orifice of her own
She watches her last breath
Crushing her beneath it's jagged edge,
Splitting her open violently
The many stones plummet upon her flesh, beating her
Silently f*****g her
A vicious beating of rocks and stones
Hardened earth takes her
Pounding thrusts crush her bones
Serrated edges breaks her

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