Versuri Life of Agony - Let's Pretend

Album: Life of Agony - Ugly

[Lyrics by - Keith Caputo]
[Music by - Keith Caputo]

In the stillness of the night
My eyes are closed
My mouth is wide
I could see her face
Her beautiful hair
I could recognize
She looks at me cold
She probably don't know who I am
Mommy it's me
It's Keith
You had me back when
But sometimes I like to pretend
That she knows me
That she holds me
I quess I can't
Because show doesn't know who I am
My mind it's dreaming
God it's so misleading
Do you think it's 'cause I've grown old
Is it true what I was told
You cried to leave me
You know I know it's not your fault
You had a husband who was selfish and cold
Belive me I know
Now I hear you used to treat me cold
You dissappeared and left me all alone
I'm sure you didn't know right from wrong
'cause both of you were always getting stoned

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