Versuri Lilitu - I Can Not Be Saved

Album: Lilitu - Memorial

From the realm of my contorted soul
Where does a body end? I don't know
but I can't find the strength to carry on
I can't find my way
So if what you say is true
I'll find what I need in you
Never despair and you'll be saved
But not today

If you'll take the bait, I'll play
Your selfish game so vile and profane
If I give myself to you your path of shame
I curse your name
Your salvation is not mine
My destiny, death will refine
For , it's enough to comfort me, the eternal sleep
Away from

Your shimmering light
Burning inside so cold and bright
In hopes I will die without you as my guide
Away from the light

I cannot be saved
From your pale masquerade
And the part that you play
And if you just take my hand
I'll make you understand
And you'll forever be saved

Your shimmering light
Burning so bright
Burning inside
In hopes I will die satisfied

Where will I go?
How will I know?
When will I go?

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