Versuri LIMBONIC ART - Symphony In Moonlight And Nightmares

Album: LIMBONIC ART - Epitome Of Illusions

This night belongs to us
My dear princess of death
We have a destiny together
As we meet in hungry caress

A deadly kiss under moonlit sky
As I stare into thy dark and hollow eyes
You take me down where cold silence dwell
Unconscious darkness realms of demise

You are born at my grace to serve only me

Blood paint on the wall is the ancient dream I recall
Predictions in rainstorm as tears darkred cascaded
In cryptic depths of imprisoned rage
Where I succumbed to temptation
In the laughter of cruel gods
Demonic wrath and devastation

A monstrous enemy demands to be set free
Frigid evil games black art and blasphemy
prophecies in blood
A deadly kiss
unto darkened bliss

We have a gift of shining
By knowing the history
Behind obscure mysteries

The mysterious
Source of true art and experience

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