Versuri LIMBONIC ART - Voyage Of The Damned

Album: LIMBONIC ART - The Ultimate Death Worship

[Double LP Bonus Track]

Where can we find, the wisdom we need.
What is the cure, when the soul bleed.
Show me the powers, that you offers me.
But even stronger than death, it must be.

It is so cold and dark down here,
In this supernatural darkness.
My mind is my asylum.
A dungeon of tormenting silence.

Voices, leading into the night.
The last agony is at sight.

Staring into blackness, beyond the heavens end
Praying in the shadows, is death the only friend
In ancient starlight I lay, the soul rotten from decay.
No love was strong enough, so life drifted just astray.

Darkness demands life, be this victim of sacrifice.
In endless pain the soul is lost, a solitary holocaust.

One night before the dark morning.

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