Versuri Limp Bizkit - Head For The Barricade

Sometimes you gotta fight for your right when you're
Not sure you're in a fight for your life, right?
If you ain't packin' any tactics you might get your a*s kicked
Even if you are a little knuckle head
I'm kinda sick of being aggravated, i'm glad I'm hated
I guess i'm doin' somethin' right
That's what happened back in columbine
You gotta know when to stop and don't go over the top
' cuz there's a chamber deep inside the brain
That's covered with chains, so don't be shakin' 'em loose
And if ya do, i'd be runnin' for the hills
' cuz i'm ready to rock and now i'm playin' for real
I gotta... fight.... fight
You'd better watch out when my adrenaline kicks
I gotta... fight... fight...
It's too late you already been hit... damn

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