Versuri Lividity - A Woman's Place Is On My Face

Album: Lividity - ...'Til Only The Sick Remain

[Music: Bishop, Kibler; Lyrics: Bishop, Kibler]

A womans place is on my face
But all I need is my cock sticking in your a*s
Oh my dicK's stiff and I need it
Wet, sloppy pussy juice dripping from my face and mouth
Come here you whore
Down on your knees
Suck on my dck
Play with my balls
Choke on my cock
Throw up on me
Chunks on my dick
Soon ther'll be your blood
Punch you in the face and then I slice your wirsts
Cumming as your blood trickles onto the floor
I'm not done!!
The womans place is on my face, and when I'm done
You'll beg for mercy, then you pray for death, but death won't
When I'm angered
Hatred increased
Your s****y life, DONE!!
I have no care
You're death I praise

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