Versuri Lividity - Anal Action Wife

Album: Lividity - The Age Of Clitoral Decay

Plastic b***h, made of rubber. She's my chic, and I'll
f**k her. Often in her virgin, tight pink a*s. But she
breaks, need another full time slit, real is better. f**k
me or I'll kill you, suck my dick. I stick something
thats sharp up your butt, then slice. You'll feel nothing
as I rape your c**t to death. Now I rip your spine right
out your... Use the s**t for lube thats on my... Now your
a*s is mine. A tapestry of carcass. Phlem and pulp
splatter your nightmares... or dreams. Ripped of sin. I
eviscerate the b***h in her tight pink rectum. Sucked my
dick, milked my load out. Please sir quit, not until I'm
done with your tight virgin, loosened a*s. Cut your tits,
blood shoots on my rock hard prick, done with you I dump
you in the river, leave you there.