Versuri Lividity - Bound In Skin

Album: Lividity - Used Abused And Left For Dead

Running through the darkness, someone's after me
These fields of gore I've seen before, only in my dreams
Tackled to the ground, fighting desperately
Kicking, punching on the ground, is this the blood of me

Tools cover the walls I see, unconsciousness agony
This is the fate for me, I've been brought here to...

BE... BOUND... IN... SKIN...

Instruments of torture dangling at my feet
Blood soaked crypt of mangled meat
The taste of salt and scaley debris
Makes me vomit, choke, and heave

Future is uncertain, what now covers me
Excrutiating pain, this flesh does not belong to me
Get me out of here, I am trapped inside this
Body internally, I wish I was f*****g dead
Peel this f*****g horrid flesh off [x4]
I can't get this rotting flesh off [x4]

Now bound in this flesh they have made mine