Versuri Lividity - Deviant Pleasures

Album: Lividity - Used Abused And Left For Dead

Smell of rotting corpses, f*****g corpses, it makes me stiff
I'll vomit as you film it, let the sickness begin

When my dicks stiff, I'll f**k anything that I can f**k
Like corpses, let the orgy begin

Rob the morgue of female dead, to use as stars in my porn films
Porn with corpses, lifeless bodies used for sex
I film the sickness, plunge my cock into your a*s

Masturbating on your face, deviant pleasures, necro erotic fantasy
All I know is something must be wrong with me, to lust for dead flesh
And film it seems just not right

Deviant needs, immortal thoughts, indecent action, necro erotic fantasy
All I need is sickness, all I want is sickness, Gotta have some sickness
All I want is dead chics, gotta have some dead chics

I'll be f*****g dead chics, IN HELL!!!

Deep inside the morgue, I fulfill my fantasy (now it's set to)
Now it's set to film, I will watch, you will watch, we will watch
We are all masturbating on your face, deviant pleasures
Necro erotic fantasy

My secret life
No one knows me
Until they die