Versuri Lividity - Dismembering Her Lifeless Corpse

Album: Lividity - The Age Of Clitoral Decay

Burn you whore. Sins by the millions. Rot you b***h.
Two-faced slut. United we stand against all these whores
that stand before us. They'll take our loads, make them
feel the pain they've put you through. Alive no more,
never wake up, never wake up. Piece of s**t, total waste
of human life. Waste of flesh, thought you said you were
my friend. All lies!!! Expect no sympathy. All I want to
do is f**k you. Like the b***h, that you are. I will
mistreat you, I will mistreat you, I will mistreat you.
Forced me to stick my dick in your a*s again. If I've
mistaken you for a whore, you must forgive me, you just
act like one. Can you imagine, how many things you can
die from? While you were sleeping, dice you up and take
you home. No more cries. Silent scream. f****d her dead.
Lifeless corpse. Wake you up at 2am and rip your heart
out your c**t. You f*****g b***h, you make me sick, I
wish that you were never born. Can't let it slide. Chop
you into little pieces, plenty of meat to last me
months...killer!! f****d her dead. Lifeless corpse. Like
the b***h that she was. You are not the only one,
memories burn inside of me. Of thousands put to death,
pushing daisies at their feet. Dismembering her lifeless
corpse. Oh, how I need to feel your lifeless corpse, I
feel the need. I feel the need to carve you up, and cover
your body with all the cum I can muster up. I feel the
need....Dismembering her lifeless corpse!!!

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