Versuri Lividity - Exhibition Of Carnage

Album: Lividity - Used Abused And Left For Dead

Searching for my victim, you're the next in line
As my knife, it cuts your throat, now you're left behind

Darkness fills the atmosphere with screams and pain to my delight

Limp and lifeless on your back, postmortem takes control
Rapid stabbing to your torso, stroke my erecting pole

Blood and jism smears your face, a scent so thick I lust for more

Exhibition of pain
Exhibition of lust
Exhibition of hate
Exhibition of carnage

Severely tortured, agony
No one hears you in the night
If you make it out alive
You will wish that you were dead

Running, hiding, you are found
Re-contort anatomy
Scream is silent you're in shock
You can't run now, you are dead

Bleeding profusely from your head
No remorse, I do not care
To see the life drain out of you
Is the reason I exist

The smell of rotting decomposed
Flesh with the growing need to kill
Try enduring reality
Living in a world of failure

Dismembering her limbs
The wait is now over
I'm drifting far beyond
A cruel, sinister butcher