Versuri Lividity - Food

Album: Lividity - The Age Of Clitoral Decay

Food!! I'm looking for food! Nightly strolls turn me on,
looking for food.
Evil tales of abbattoir, butchers of human meat.
Stabbing my victims to fullfill their every need.
Systematic death, mutilated gore. Bodies ripped apart,
all you do is scream for more.
Grab her from behind, taking my knife I slit her throat.
Stick it deep, I carve away, total erect she is my prey.
Taking home the silent stump, to broil and blaze for my
f*****g lunch. Clean and cut to perfect chuncks,
butchered and froze, food for a mouth. Her sweet a*s I
use for stew. Silent stump, broil and blaze. Butchered
and froze to perfect chuncks. Food for a month. Her sweet
a*s I use!

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