Versuri Lividity - Orfice Reconstruction

Album: Lividity - Show Us Your Tits! - Live

Open wide your geasy hole, sit down on my throbbing pole, pumping faster in and out, your anus
tears, you scream and shout! Pulling out covered with s**t, licking clean my big 'ol dick, between
your legs I start to lick, ripping and tearing I bite your clit! Your face is covered with my spew,
tearing off, your nipples I chew, licking at your a*s and crack, I dig the knife into your back! Cutting
quick I eat your snatch, focus on my horrid task! f****d like never before or you'll ever be again,
decide what's your pleasure, the a*s or the slimy c**t, does not matter to me! I shall masturbate
on your shallow grave, when my work is done your hole will be torn! Beating with my fist, probing
with a stick, cutting out your clit, chewing on your lips! Orfice reconstruct, shame on your whole
world, morbid fantasy, sexual release! Swolen glands about to burst from my head the semen spurts!
Squirting on the a*s and thighs, probing deep I peer inside! She sucked it hard, I sat and watched,
when she finished, I slit her throat!

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