Versuri LOCH VOSTOK - Breakthru

Album: LOCH VOSTOK - Reveal No Secrets

Another year flew by me
Another silent night
So far from being sane
Hidden in amnesia

Seeing bits and pieces
Recognising some of them
But to get the big picture
I have to dig deep within

Within my heart
Deep in my soul
There is a void

Finding the key
Opening the lock
What will I find

Deep within my heart
I know, I know
Somewhere deep inside
I know, I know

The mere sight of you
Makes my heart pound harder
To assume I loved you
Is an understatement

The feelings are still here
It's the first thing I feel
Haven't felt this sure about
Anything in at least a year

My hear my soul
Every cell
Remembers you

Some things do last
Some things are past
Let's start anew

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