Versuri LOCH VOSTOK - Thirty Years

Album: LOCH VOSTOK - Reveal No Secrets

Bottom line has called me home
Hunt for truth corrupt the inside
Egoism my old friend
Time for us to break it up

Never, ever, no more letters
I've said no to everything
f**k the truth, I don't care
Guess I need to clear the air
Backstabbers & asskissers
Take your business out of here
Shove the lies down your throat
You will swallow, you're a whore
Shove the lies down your throat
Thank you sir, thank you m'am

And I swear I feel cleansed
From the inside out
And I feel like I've scrubbed
My own filthy mouth
And I feel so much better now
And I feel so much more

When I was a young man
Thought that I could make a difference
Took me only 30 years
To understand the opposite

Never, ever, score is settled
I'll take my revenge tonight
Burn this place, to the ground
Goes around, comes around
What goes up must come down
Spread the word around the town
I have lost everything
Now I will repeat your sins
Steal from you everything
you hold dear, oh sweet revenge

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