Versuri LOCH VOSTOK - What Once Was

Album: LOCH VOSTOK - Reveal No Secrets

Now my time has come
I know I was wrong
Please stay

All my memories must stay
I have allready lost them once
Please stay

I wanna say so many things
But I don't have the strength to speak
I wanna say I'm sorry
For all the wrongs I've done

What once was is now nevermore
Yes I tried, tho you never saw me cry
Now I'm lost, sent to oblivion
Now I know, that the quest for truth killed love

For a long long time
I've been meaning to say, sorry
I was chasing the shadows
And the fault was entirely mine, sorry

What if I would've given up
Before they started making threats
Still the same s**t going on
The same old clique are starting wars

What once was...

No more source to trust
No more love to lose
And as you read this words
My epitaph or curse
Boiling in these words
Bottom line in this
Under all this crap
Somewhere in these lines
History has proved
And lies will rule this world
Nothing I can change
A simple fact like this
Zealots, fools and idiots will rule forever more

What once was...
When this world turned cold