Versuri Lord Azmo - 11 Torn Roses

Album: Lord Azmo - Expire My Candle

Have some littel tears
To seize this darkness

Another drop of blood will promise
That we wont ever leave
These tears joy you will remember
And every kiss wont fade away
Just take me and let me bleed
Let your angel purify the way

I knew you and i know
The distance between the flames
The places to grow without
And the places that miss our names
Sometimes it feels too cold
When the flames about to sober
Insane they will be...
Around you...

Around you I'll be
Around you I'll be free
Take me and let me in
Inside your heart... i am burning

Step by step to eleven years
Crashing past and slaying fears
By two numb souls... and a rose
Torn rose for every year
And now... I want you dark girl

11 will be the time...
Of these times of mine entwined...
Your face with sparks of light

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