Versuri Lord Azmo - Come Sense The Rain

Album: Lord Azmo - Cracked Scenes Of Reality

It's raining ...upon my flesh...
And it's tearing me inside...
It's cleansing... my memories

I would like to share you
Beneath this rotten grave
But soulless you'll be with no senses
I would like to hold you
Beyond the mortal world
Impossible now... is your touch

You left this world
With no one single word
Your scent has gone ...with the wind
Now I can smell your flesh decayed and rotten
Left by the essence of life

Your fingertips are here around my shadow...
So have you ever been here alive and breathing?

I think you've gone...
But still I feel you...
Are you hiding from me?
Or you've disappeared forever?

Yes, you are dead...
And I am smiling here...
But still I mourn... Above your tomb
I will not leave you... Here all alone
I will bury myself around you

The time is passing
And all these pains won't fade
Could you hold me now...
Beneath your shade
Come swallow my heart...
I am here for you..

I'll sacrifice my self for you
Let me be... with only you...
And here is my final lullaby.