Versuri Lord Belial - Belial- Northern Prince Of Evil

Album: Lord Belial - Enter The Moonlight Gate

[lyrics by Dark, music by Dark and Vassago]

In the beginning of all time, when I was born
a shadow crawled all over me
the shadow, shadow of the northern son... which filled me with darkness and
majestic hatred
Join the darkness of the northern son ...Belial
I stared onto the dark prince of evil, enwrapped in a black gown a great
malignant shape...with a dark voice as cold as ice
My blood froze when I stared onto this prince of evil ...Belial
Nowadays, thousands of years later I have become one with the darkness in
this mighty kingdom, I obey Belial
He is the lord over all living creatures He shall rule for eternity He is the
master of masters ...Belial

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