Versuri Lord - Live To Fight, Fight To Die

Album: Lord - Behind The Curtain Of Darkness

[music and lyrics: Catherine Lempiere]

As we raise our swords to the sky
We destroy, we defy
Fight to die
As we rise our swords to the sky
Vengeance is our life, live to die

Endless battles, we give our blood
We, sacred warriors we fight for our lands
but we want more
We want to conquer the world

We fight but we're not immortal
Only warfare is immortal
Only warfare is immortal

We're looking for power and might
We want to rule
Our duty is to kill and destroy
Steal treasures, rape women
Our only god is Satan
We live to kill, we fight to die
We live to fight, we fight to die

The black unicorn is our emblem
When you see it on top of the muntain
This is the sign of victory
Then we return but our enemies can't wait
We have to go back to warfare