Versuri Lord - Lyrics

Country: Australia Label: Modern Invasion Music Website: Formed in: 2003 2003- Power metal 2003- Heavy metal Line-up Current members: 2003-  "Lord" Tim Grose - vocals, guitars, keyboards   2005-  Andrew Dowling - bass   2005-  Tim Yatras - drums   2007-  Mark Furtner - guitar   Former......Biografie Lord
Lord - Intro Versuri
Lord - Live To Fight, Fight To Die Versuri
Lord - Into Hell's Well Versuri
Lord - Midnight In The Graveyard Versuri
Lord - When Funeral Pyres Ablaze The Black Moon Sky Versuri
Lord - Under The Spell Of The Diabolical Sorcerer Versuri
Lord - Shadows Of Massacre Versuri
Lord - Calling From The Deepest Darkness Versuri
Lord - Gates To The Blazing Kingdom Versuri

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