Versuri L.O.S.T. - Why?

So fast
And also too soon
Never expected
For this to happen
It’s like a nightmare
I pass through now
With nothing that I can do

I feel the pain
Pain that gets through my veins
I can’t believe this is for real
Waiting for me to wake up

Burning eyes
The eyes of faith
It’s not a dream
I won’t wake up
Who chose me?
I’m not prepared
To face this hell
Please take me out of here

I’m asking in vain
No one is hearing my voice
All the past is history now
And all the paths seems to end

Struggling to reach the unachievable
I’m asking myself
Why me?
It’s getting too hard for me to live with this
I’m asking myself
Why me?
Why you?
Why us?

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