LUCA TURILLI Chords & Tabs

Country: Italy Label: Magic Circle Music Website: Formed in: 1999 1999- Symphonic Power metal Line-up Current members: 1999-  Luca Turilli - guitars, keyboards (2005-)   1999-  Olaf Hayer - vocals   1999-  Sascha Paeth - bass   1999-  Robert Hunecke-Rizzo - drums, rhythm guitars (2002)   Former musicians:......Biografie LUCA TURILLI

Where Heroes Lie Tab

War Of The Universe Tab

The Ancient Forest Of Elves Tab

Rider Of The Astral Fire Tab

Princess Aurora Tab

Prince Of The Starlight Tab

Lord Of The Winter Snow Tab

Legend Of Steel (ver2) Tab

Legend Of Steel Tab

Knight Of Immortal Fire Tab

Kings Of The Nordic Twilight Tab

Demonheart Tab

Black Dragon Tab

Angels Of The Winter Dawn Bass Tab

Ancient Forest Of Elves Tab

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