Versuri Lullacry - Pain, Walk With Me

Album: Lullacry - Be My God

Today is good day to end it all
How it all came to this
I don't know
Fool was I to believe
I still can remember
All the things that made me feel so alive
Did I deserve it
This pain walk with me forever
Together, pain walk with me

It took you a lifetime
To do this for me, no no no

Today is good day to end it all
forever pain walks with me
Together, pain walk with me
Forever together
pain walks with me
together forever
Pain, walk with me
I don't mind

Trapped inside this void of hopes and dreams
I gave everything to you
And you know that it's true
How can we keep this feeling
When our love is gone
I don't think that I have any faith left
But I don't mind Feeling guilty, but it's not me
Who gave I all away

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