Versuri LUMINARIA - Irmao

Album: LUMINARIA - Arche

Irmao I wont disappear
Iramo When youre waking up
All your senses, all your feelings
Irmao I am not your god
Iramo - Come take my arm
Irmao When your closing up
To the real world, away from dreams
Irmao I am not your god

You arent an icon of past
You arent an opaque flash forward
You are the fragments of looking glass
Broken, but reflective

We have yet time
To rend our garments
To look out the window
Did destiny change its mind
To empty the eyes of despair
We have yet enough time

And I am not your god
But weak and imperfect
Although I can be your humble monastery
Where you may deposit
Doubts, anger or reveries

Dont recede towards an abstract space
Before the time prescribed
Before this compulsory separation
I can show you the charm of ordinary day
Elementary colors
Leave your dreams of solitude
Fake misanthropic reality
Lets enjoy the true presence
Im a sacred vase with divine breath

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