Song For You Chords - Lunatica

Lunatica - Song For You

Am           G           D            Am
You hold my hand when I tremble with fear
Am            G            D            Am
You bring me light when I burst out in tears
F                 G                     D                     Em
And now I want to thank you, dear, for all the things you've done
Am                       C            G     D
I can't deny (that) you showed me the right way

For the light, for the love
For the truth in your eyes
I am grateful to have such a friend by my side
For the tears, for the joy
For not asking me why
We can hold our hands up and reach for the sky

You kept your faith when my words were untrue
You made me laugh when I was feeling blue
Always giving, never asking for more than a smile upon my face
Together we will conquer the whole world


(You) don't have to worry
C                   G           D
We'll stay together all of our days
Am                   C             G       D
You can trust in my words, you can rely on me
Am                     D
And when dark clouds obscure the sky
G               Em
I'll be at your side
Am                       C          G     D 
Until the weight on your shoulders fades away