Versuri Lunatica - Between Love And Hate

Album: Lunatica - Atlantis

I preach oppression and violence to the masses
I burn everything down to the ashes
I preach from love and peace
I pray to the eternal lights
So I destroy everything harmfully
I kill everything what people love
I build up what Heel destroyed
I help rebuild what bad guys destructed
I destroy everything what Face likes
I sign my name in the sky

Between love and hate
Maybe thats our faith
Between war and peace
Its a very small step
Between life and death
Thats the way between

Saints and sinners
Theres a battle of the unholy
Against the law and order one
So I bring back what they loose
For all people without hope
With a union of liars and betrayers
I bring back the immortal sin
I am light, I am mother earth
I release you from persistent pain
I tempt everyone to live selfishness
Just to hurt somebody else