Versuri Lux Occulta - Apokathastasis

Album: Lux Occulta - Forever. Alone. Immortal.

now i drown into The Light

where do these visions come from?
of me naked, drawing cyphers on a sand
leters and sings never known to me

it's me again, making sculptures of ice
that melts under light touch of my lips
(i'm) impotent creator of cold, lifeless shapes

glare of your world on fire reflects in my eyes
now i bath my sword in hot blood of infants
now i kill everything you have ever loved
the world explodes when i awake!

married to The Light
i copulate with the sun

now my body turns into star
now the star becomes my soul
now my soul swallows the world
now my inner world becomes The God

I am The Skeleton Of Universe
I am The All-Father
I am The Might
Light (lux occulta)

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