Versuri Lux Occulta - Mane - Tekel - Fares

Album: Lux Occulta - My Guardian Anger

Boe odlatujcy w obce dla nas strony
Powstrzymaj odlot swj
I tul z paczem do piersi ten wiecznie krzywdzony
Wierzcy w Ciebie gnj
[B. Lemian, Do Siostry]

scissors, stones
blind children playing god
unnamed species
broken clock
wounded soldiers on their way back home
piece of heaven
sweat and tears
poisoned wine
bitter honey
second bottom of every dream
half-dead prophets
leper whores
some old clothes of dethroned kings

Mene - Tekel - Fares
I dance on the ashes of Jerusalem
Mene - Tekel - Fares
I weep on the ashes of Jerusalem

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