Versuri Lux Occulta - Pied Piper

Album: Lux Occulta - The Mother And The Enemy

Beautiful and wealthy is our town of Hamelin
Neighbors are green with envy, proud my fellow citizens
Our stomachs are full, our dreams are calm
We can either kill or buy all that comes our way

Please your honors said he Im able
By means of a secret charm, to draw
All creatures living beneath the sun
That creep or swim or fly or run
After me so as you never saw!
And I chiefly use my charm
On creatures that do people harm
The mole and toad and newt and viper
And people call me the pied piper

But theres this small embarrassing thing
Filthy, disgusting, stinking rats
They dont belong here
They dont match
Did almighty lord create the scum?

You can have your perfect world
But you will have to pay the price

Cause theres the small, embarrassing thing
Filthy, disgusting, stinking us
We dont belong here
We dont match
Your father in heavens didnt create us

Pay your bills fellow citizens
Or we will take your children with us
Its not about hatred, were not your enemies
But you see, we have to feed the rats

And you will never learn
Whos the hunter and whos prey in this game
And you will never learn
Who is Pied Piper and whos rat in the end
And you will never learn
Who is the leader and whos been lead

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