Versuri Lyzanxia - Answer Fields

Album: Lyzanxia - Unsu

My dream seemed so real that I was sweating
I had convulsions, really thought (that) I had killed her
I could feel the killer sensations, terrified
Thinking of getting arrested, don't want to try

I woke up, tried to see her, something was going wrong
Some kind of remorse lived in me, I was going to see
I was troubled by my body being the only guide
At the front door, her body lying on the ground

Judge me
But you'll never judge me right
Ask yourself
Who's calling, who's coming
Don't seek in me innocence
You will never try to find
Questions inside
My answer fields
Just you

As my body got detached from me while I'm sleeping
My dream was going towards reality
My convictions were ominous that night, it's like a need
Hands act as my mind, need to know if I m guilty

Please tell me my debt
Please show me my cell

Commit a sleeping murder
Can a death wish be a crime?