Versuri Lyzanxia - Path Blade

Album: Lyzanxia - Unsu

Run across the path blade
Maybe someday you'll be driven that way
Don't get stressed out now
I've got a gift for your last day
For someone who hates
The only thing that is precious in life
We can keep all that we have especially for you, for you

I've got a fist for you
I'll bring you to that place
Somewhere you'll never come back from without saying grace
We're preparing something special
Which ends your distaste of life
The experience will seduce you, just follow me

Say something for me

I find myself so alone
And when my fate outweighs my chance to stay afloat
That's when I can create

Don't doubt, but trust me
Don't sleep as a hero
And wash your body into discovering waters
I'll bring you the victory
Your head solidified
Here's the chance to redeem (yourself)
Don't let it pass twice

Last fate...

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