Macabre Chords & Tabs

Country: USA Label: Decomposed Records Website: Formed in: 1985 1985- Grindcore 1985- Death metal Line-up Current members: 1985-  Corporate Death - guitars, vocals   1985-  Nefarious - bass, vocals   1985-  Dennis The Menace - drums   Discography 1987 Grim Reality [EP] 9.5 1989 Gloom......Biografie Macabre

Zodiac Tab

Youre Dying To Be With Me Tab

Whats That Smell Tab

Werewolf Of Bedburg Tab

Vampire Of Dusseldorf Tab

Sniper In The Sky Tab

Nightstalker Tab

Mcdonalds Massacre Tab

Mary Bell Tab

Je Pough Tab

In The Army Now Bass Tab

How About Some Coffee Tab

Fatal Foot Fetish Tab

Drill Bit Lobotomy Tab

Dortheas Dead Folks Home Tab

Diary Of Torture Tab

Acid Bath Vampire Tab

Do The Dahmer Tab

Dahmers Dead Tab

Jack The Ripper Tab

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