Versuri Machinae Supremacy - Edge And Pearl

Album: Machinae Supremacy - Overworld

      I'm infinite, beyond a doubt
No piece of s**t's gonna take me out
And I will not rest until this hell race is over
And the lights go out
I only do just what I believe in
Don't battle my enemies
I have not a sinister heart, but a mind at peace

Be my prize, don't go, don't leave my eyes
Only for tonight
Give me life, hold on, don't close your eyes
Not before tonight

I live for this, and I cite my pride
Now is the time when to pick a side
Cause you'll have forever to remember this moment
And how you were denied
I only do what I have to, to win
To wake up our species
I have not a sinister heart, but a mind at peace

Do you fear that It's no use, that if you fight you'll only lose what little you have?
Or don't you know enough to be afraid?
So this is what you choose? f*****g silence and abuse? No R 4 U!
Just go back to sleep and die a tool!!!

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