Versuri Machinae Supremacy - Elite

Album: Machinae Supremacy - Redeemer

Do you find yourself in the air flying away?
Do you think that you're awake just because you are?

Don't you know? How could you not understand?

Anyone with their ear to the ground knows we will not be bound
You can push but you can't beat us down
we deliver the sound
We were born and belong underground but we are all around
You can try but you can't own this crown
it was ours to be found

There is no way that you could know where Murphy goes
If you fall down off the road you get back up again

Don't you know? How could you not understand?

did you doubt us from what came before?
were you not a believer?
here and now all your doubts are no more
this is redeemer

Do you think that you are awake?

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