Versuri Machinae Supremacy - Fury

Album: Machinae Supremacy - Redeemer

And now I lay awake
my eyes unclosed
the fire snake
on our barren world tonight
Simple but supreme
the dragon roar
evil and mean
I hear it soar
not far above our world tonight

Now the immortal beast
descends on me
prepares to feast
my enemy
is taunting me to fight
Simple but supreme...

Nocturnal light and thunder blasting from the sky
The beast is hunting for a prey that can not die
But this is how it's always been since-since-since the dawn of time
and it will always be the dragon fury rhyme


An ancient beast that occupies the high above
A raging monster to be fearful of
Simple aggression purely spawned from Mother Earth
a true impression of the might of her

Now! Descend from above!
Now! Descend from above!

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