Versuri Machinae Supremacy - Soundtrack To The Rebellion

Album: Machinae Supremacy - Deus Ex Machinae

in this place we find each other
a tribute to the wise
who view with open eyes
expose the lies of our brothers
misled and lost between
the surface and the screen
We are not alone to defy
we stand and those who push us down will die
Under a blackened sky
We light the torches and we hear the sound
of the soundtrack to the rebellion
We break the silence and we make the sound
of the soundtrack to the rebellion
they sit and suck the tit of power
they claim it for us all
but keep it within walls
these men aim to slowly devour
and they lock you into sleep
while silently they reap
They lie! Don't hear their blinded words of dread
The phantoms you fear they put inside your head
It fuels the flames throughout the night

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