Versuri Machine Head - Aesthetics of Hate

Album: Machine Head - The Blackening

[Music: Flynn, Lyrics: Flynn / Duce]

You tried to spit in the eye
Of a dead manas face
Attacked the ways of a man
Not yet in his grave
But your hate was over all too soon
Because nothing is over
And nothingas through,
Till we bury you

For the love of brother
I will sing this f*****g song
Aesthetics of hate,
I hope you burn in hell

The words I read on the screen
Left me f*****g sick
I felt the hatred rising
You son of a b***h
You branded us pathetic for our respect
But he made us Driven,
Such deep reverence,
Far beyond the rest



[Solo: Demmel, Flynn, Demmel, Flynn, Flynn & Demmel]

Long live memories
Live this freedom vicariously
Defend tenfold
His honor weall always uphold

For the love of brother
I will say these f*****g words
No silence against ignorance
Iconoclast, I hope you burn in hell

May the hand of god strike them down

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