Versuri & Lyrics Magica

Magica started in February 2002 as a project of Bogdan Costea, guitarist (at that time) of a local gothic band. The reason for starting this band was Bogdan''s desire to play the music that he likes: heavy metal & melodic rock. The recordings for the 1st album (having more of a demo purpose) started in spring 2002. After 2 months of intense work, the material was ready! 12 power melodic heavy metal songs, in the vein of Rhapsody, Nightwish, and Helloween, which show the high potential of the band. The album, entitled "The Scroll Of......Biografie Magica
The Wish Versuri
A Blood Red Dream Versuri
The Sun Is Gone Versuri
The Sorcerer Versuri
Road To The Unknown Versuri
Daca Versuri
E Magic Versuri
The Silent Forest Versuri
Mountains Of Ice Versuri
The Key Versuri
The Scroll Of Stone Versuri
Redemption Versuri
The Circle Versuri
Bittersweet Nightshade Versuri
Dance Of The Wasp Versuri
A New Paradise Versuri
Samhain Versuri
Witch's Broom Versuri
The Living Grimoire Versuri
Black Lace Versuri
Curse For Eternity Versuri
Wormwood Versuri
Inluminata Versuri
Bind You Forever Versuri
Endless Versuri
Into Silence Versuri
I Remember A Day Versuri
Shallow Grave Versuri
Energy For The Gods Versuri
Weight Of The World Versuri
This Is Who I Am Versuri
Entangled Versuri
No Matter What Versuri
Through Wine Versuri
Turn To Stone Versuri
All Waters Have The Colour Of Drowning Versuri
Don't Wanna' Kill Versuri
They Stole The Sun Versuri
Hold On Tight Versuri
Hurry Up Ravens Versuri
Maiastra Versuri
Dark Secret Versuri
Just For Two Coins Versuri
Until The Light Is Gone Versuri
Mistress Of The Wind Versuri
In The Depths Of The Lake Versuri
Anywhere But Home Versuri
Tonight Versuri
Never Like You Versuri
Wait For Me Versuri
Need Versuri
Release My Demons Versuri
On The Side Of Evil Versuri
My Kin My Enemy Versuri
Used To Be An Angel Versuri
We Are Horde Versuri
Dear Diary Versuri