Versuri MALEVOLENT CREATION - Deliver My Enemy


[Music:Phil Fasciana / Lyrics:Brett Hoffman / 2nd Solo by Mick Thompson]

I may lie dormant
You make first strike
What I do next
Will end your life

Deliver my enemy [x4]

Bring your world upon me
Cant back it up
Hollow promises
Respect is done

Deliver my enemy [x4]

Many foes to fight
Blood flies through the air
Into the dead of the night
Open eyes blindly stare

Deliver my enemy [x4]

Deliver my enemy
Driven before my feet
Blind eyes never see
A life thats free

Deliver my enemy [x4]

Your belief is false
Weak minded fool
Hate me for nothing
Now I f*****g hate you

Deliver my enemy [x8]

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