Versuri Man Among Stars - We Have Not Been Forgiven

Album: Man Among Stars - Beginning

The sincerest cry of man
Is at his first glance
of the world;
We are so consumed
with ourselves,
Consumed to not see...

Take me to the woods.
Ihave grown old,
I cannot die alone...
You must take my hand
Here, it is bandaged:
Wounded from my years,
From what i`ve done;
I turn towards mankind:
"Forgive me, I am not able to destroy
These limbs have failed my will.
...I would have lived forever
Given a forever to live in".

This time it`s true, you`ll see,
I know
We have not been forgiven
For what we never did,
For what we are yet to do...
Leave me now
I will have my peace!
I`ll fill the grave myself,
Throw dirt upon my face,
Close my eyes stop breathing...
Please, I`ll be gone
Please, just let me die
Please, I`m sorry
Please, I have seen it...

I will bury myself
I will reap myself
I am the only thing
I haven`t killed