Versuri Man Must Die - Dead In The Water

Album: Man Must Die - No Tolerance for Imperfection

We're dead in the water.
In time we'll pay for out sins.
Take time to realise this world in which we live.
A false icon on the TV screen promises to set us free.
Subscribe to the trendy magazine that is made to drain your self-esteem.
A world where everyone's a self made god.
Ignorance, the new law.
Arrogant, we are.
Who gives a f**k if millions die?
As long as you get paid.
Fall of social standards.
Crush the ability to think for ourselves.
Instead conform, free thought denied.
This world is cold, empty.
Nothing like it used to be.
The only way we know.
Is man a mistake, a virus on this world?
Bred to hate.
The time has come, we can't run from our fate.
We have bled dry.
Every natural resource that we could find.
Now common place, f**k this race.
It's evident now it's time to die.
We are a race of parasites.
We need the flood to make things right.

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