Versuri Man Must Die - Gainsayer

Album: Man Must Die - No Tolerance for Imperfection

Double standards in the values they preach.
Hail Mary and all your sins forgiven.
Segregation in the name of peace.
Keep them down, keep them scared.
Outdated is every f*****g part of your ideology.
I'm sick and tired of people dying in the name of peace.
Brainwashed under their control.
Denounce all that you think you know.
I've stood on the brink.
I've watched the world tear itself apart.
Conditioned not to think.
A meat puppet deceived from the start.
Our fear is their weapon.
Forever destined to crawl.
I'm not going to fight, I'm going to win.
My life is mine.
And I will take it by force.
Your words aren't worth the fuckin' paper they're printed on.
A work of fiction bastardised through misinterpretation and delusion,
You expect me to believe that your god loves everyone equally,
Yet you wage war on anyone who opposes his will?
f**k YOU.
My mind's made up,
I've had enough of you.
Ignore the truth, inhale the lies.
The past they'd rather forget.
A legacy of bloodshed and death.